Saturday, January 23, 2010

Incognito Rockers

Diverse LA band from the early eighties that played post-punk / power pop with influences from early jazz (Young, Strong, Silent, Unapproachable You), to country / rockabilly (Just as Much Charm), and jump blues (Kiss It) with hints of mod and new wave. Well structured songs with male and female vocals and a bit of humor.

Rad About You LP (1982)
1 Everybody's Going HBO or Anything to Drive Rev. Falwell Crazy
2 Flasher
3 Bail Out of Port Charles
4 Rad About You
5 What Is
6 The Way that You Affect Me
7 Intro - Here Come the Rads
8 Young, Strong, Silent, Unapproachable You
9 He Likes Her
10 What Happened to Me
11 Why Won't I Do?
12 Pink and White Jeep

Incognito Rockers EP (1984)
1 Kiss It
2 Cat & Mouse
3 Attention
4 Just as Much Charm



Anonymous said...

This band is from Carlsbad, CA in San Diego County, not LA.

Anonymous said...

Jack and The Rippers at the Bringle Terrace gym- punk rock jazz and balls for your nostalgic ass

Stan Shook said...

I just came across this blog and my first thought was what Anonymous #1 said, "This band was from Carlsbad, not L.A." Thanks Anonymous #1! These guys played at my high school dances and at local surf parties. They were absolutely fantastic and easily could have been stars.

Robert tunstall said...

INVOGNITO....I belive they would have gone to the top...OCEANSIDE 83/84 ..WILLIAM SHATNER HOUSE...OCEANSIDE Blvd .. Pacific coast highway Who remembers that night..never forget that band