Saturday, January 23, 2010

Incognito Rockers

Diverse LA band from the early eighties that played post-punk / power pop with influences from early jazz (Young, Strong, Silent, Unapproachable You), to country / rockabilly (Just as Much Charm), and jump blues (Kiss It) with hints of mod and new wave. Well structured songs with male and female vocals and a bit of humor.

Rad About You LP (1982)
1 Everybody's Going HBO or Anything to Drive Rev. Falwell Crazy
2 Flasher
3 Bail Out of Port Charles
4 Rad About You
5 What Is
6 The Way that You Affect Me
7 Intro - Here Come the Rads
8 Young, Strong, Silent, Unapproachable You
9 He Likes Her
10 What Happened to Me
11 Why Won't I Do?
12 Pink and White Jeep

Incognito Rockers EP (1984)
1 Kiss It
2 Cat & Mouse
3 Attention
4 Just as Much Charm



Anonymous said...

This band is from Carlsbad, CA in San Diego County, not LA.

Anonymous said...

Jack and The Rippers at the Bringle Terrace gym- punk rock jazz and balls for your nostalgic ass

Stan Shook said...

I just came across this blog and my first thought was what Anonymous #1 said, "This band was from Carlsbad, not L.A." Thanks Anonymous #1! These guys played at my high school dances and at local surf parties. They were absolutely fantastic and easily could have been stars.